Facebook is set to be the UK’s 3rd biggest advertising platform in 2017

Forecasts by Campaign and eMarketer for 2017 show continued growth by the two main digital players – Google and Facebook – over the UK’s main TV networks.

UK ad sales in 2017

Google is set to pull in £6bn next year, over a quarter of the £22bn advertising total in Britain. Facebook is forecast to make £1.4bn next year in the UK, up from an expected £1.15bn in 2016, and pass Channel 4 and Sky Media to move into third place behind only ITV and Google.

TV industry figures expect Channel 4 to hit £1.35bn after the company announced a 9% increase in 2015 ad revenue of £1.17bn. Sky Media is expected to make £1.3bn this year and £1.35bn in 2017. ITV will remain in second place with revenues of £2.2bn.

The figures show that digital’s growth over offline advertising has radically shifted the UK ad market with Google set to sell over £1bn more than ITV, Channel 4 and Sky combined in 2017.

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