First online purchase made 20 years ago today

20 years ago the first online purchase was made – a sting CD – and last year e-commerce accounted for £91bn in the UK as 25% of people shop online at least once a week.

In 2000 less than 12% of Britons had made an internet purchase, in 2014 over 95% of internet adults have shopped online at least once with a quarter of us making purchases at least weekly.

A survey by Shop Direct of 1000 consumers shows the most popular things people buy –


  • Books – 64 percent
  • Clothing and accessories – 60 percent
  • Music and entertainment – 54 percent
  • Holidays and travel – 50 percent


Laptops and PCs are still the principal shopping platform, but one in five now shop on a tablet and on average, one in 10 via a mobile device.

Research shows that mobile internet shoppers are spending more money via their handsets each month. 41% of consumers stated they spend over £100 a month with a tenth claiming to spend more than £300 monthly online.


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