How digital marketing can help your business get through the Coronavirus crisis

The current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has left many businesses in the UK closed ( at the time of writing ) and most reeling from upheaval.  Companies are having to rapidly adopt new work practices and even completely change strategy to stay afloat due to a dramatic shift in consumer buying behaviour.  Staying agile in these troubled times is posing a great challenge for companies of all sizes.

Digital ( online ) marketing provides a fast and effective way to retain and increase customers to your existing or new products and services at this time.  Campaigns are measurable and can be focused to your specific target groups to grow your business through enhanced visibility and branding, lead generation or online sales.  Investing in digital marketing now can give you a competitive advantage over companies who may not be so quick to react.

For many businesses now may be the first time they have considered going online, as their physical stores or outlets may be closed or unprofitable, or have never pushed their existing website as a key business channel.  With large sections of the population self-isolating or avoiding the high street, demand for internet solutions ( for booking, delivery etc ) and ecommerce is set to grow rapidly with new services and products being launched daily to cater to them.

There are several digital marketing services which can help your company success in this tough environment and Trinity Heriot offer the main ones of Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ), Pay Per Click Advertising ( PPC ) and Social Media Marketing to companies in a wide range of sectors across the country.


The reason optimising your website to search engines is an especially powerful technique for improving visits and sales to your website is because potential customers are actively searching for your products or services rather than being exposed to your marketing when they are looking for other information.


Pay Per Click ( PPC ) search engine listings are highly visible, putting you in touch with people who have searched for the products or services that your business offers. Having already searched for your product or service, these people arrive at your website as potential customers and not just browsers. So PPC advertising offers immediate, quantifiable traffic to your website.

Social Media –

We can advise on which social networking websites are most suitable for your brand and design a campaign specifically tailored to your company’s marketing message and targets.

Using digital marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak will give you an advantage over your competitors and will enable you to continue running your business by strengthening your online presence.

Trinity Heriot is an Edinburgh, Scotland, based digital marketing consultancy with clients throughout the UK. Contact us at to see how we can help your business online at this time.