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Trinity Heriot in Edinburgh, Scotland, specialise in managing Google Ads ( formerly AdWords ) Pay Per Click and Microsoft Ads ( Bing ) PPC advertising campaigns for our clients.  Google Ads is the biggest search engine programme in the UK covering Google’s searches and its global content partners and networks.  We’ll optimise and market your company to target the most relevant traffic sources to you.

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) search engine listings are highly visible, putting you in touch with people who have searched for the products or services that your business offers. Having already searched for your product or service, these people arrive at your website as potential customers and not just browsers. So PPC advertising offers immediate, quantifiable traffic to your website.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) is paid internet advertising on search engines, ad networks, social media networks and content sites such as newspapers and blogs. Advertisers only pay the search engine when the advert is clicked on.

The cost of each click through to your website is based on a biding system depending on the popularity of the keyword and by the Quality Score of your advert. The largest and most effective PPC program is Google Ads and that’s what we use for most of our clients as it offers advert visibility on Google’s search and shopping pages as well as the option of display adverts across thousands of relevant publishers across the web, we can also add clients to Microsoft Advertising for wider visibility.

Trinity Heriot’s management services will optimise your advert and website landing page to improve your Quality Score, and we’ll manage the keyword biding to ensure you’re getting the best possible return on investment for your advertising goals.

We also offer freelance consultancy services for paid advertising on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. PPC can be combined with any of our other digital marketing services, particularly search engine optimisation, to maximise your business success online.

We have Pay Per Click advertising clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and across Scotland and the UK. Contact Ewen Angus at for an initial consultation and we’ll get back to you with an internet marketing strategy to improve your search engine rankings and online business.

[testimonial author=”Anthony Stodart, Managing Director, Ardmoor”]

Trinity Heriot came on board with our PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaign at a time when they weren’t performing and weren’t giving us the return on investment that we needed.

Ewen Angus turned our campaigns around reducing our cost per conversion by more than 67%. In the time Trinity Heriot have been involved our turnover has more than doubled in no small part thanks to their efforts.