Social Media Marketing

Trinity Heriot is an Edinburgh, Scotland, based social media marketing consultancy.

Companies who have made marketing on social media networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest a priority can see a quick and noticeable improvement in their overall visibility on the web and search engine positioning.

The benefits of marketing within social network sites are:

• Finding, connecting and communicating with niche audiences.

• Building brand awareness of your products and services.

• Linking and optimisation ( SEO ) benefits for your website.

• Customer and member communication and development.

Trinity Heriot can advise on which social networking websites are most suitable for your brand and design a campaign specifically tailored to your company’s marketing message and targets. Every day millions of online conversations are taking place on these social media sites. Don’t let these conversations and opportunities happen without you!

The main social networks now offer advertising options to boost your company pages, increase follower numbers and drive more traffic to your website. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a range of paid advertising services which we can set up and manage for you to maximise your social media reach and effectiveness.

Our other main online marketing services include Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) and Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Advertising which can work well in tandem with social media marketing.

We have social media marketing clients across Scotland and the UK including current clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sunderland and London. Contact Ewen Angus at for an initial consultation or fill in our online marketing report form on the Contact page and we’ll get back to you with an internet marketing strategy to improve your social networking on the most important social media websites and forums for your business.

[testimonial author=”Andrew Burnet, Owner, Andrew Burnet & Company”]

We initially hired Trinity Heriot in June 2013 to improve our Google rankings and raise our visibility on social networks.

Ewen has created company pages for us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and is implementing an update and marketing strategy to attract and communicate with targeted companies and individuals in our industry across the world on an ongoing basis.