TV ads vs Digital advertising – What’s best for your business?

The advent of internet advertising has widened the advertising options for businesses like never before. In the past only large companies could advertise on TV and smaller firms had to be content with local or niche advertising, mainly on radio or in print and with limited targeting options.


Now Google Adwords enable businesses of any size to target their customers more accurately than ever, from specific postcodes to worldwide, at a budget that suits them. A family store can bid against John Lewis or Argos for search terms for their products and services without having to spend tens of thousands that a TV campaign would require. This Drum Magazine article shows sample costs for TV advertising in the UK.


Trinity Heriot have clients advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook spending hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds a month in market sectors from online retail to headhunting. What unites them is the knowledge that tracking website visits to actual sales can be monitored and improved upon in real time with digital advertising offering unparalleled benefits over traditional media channels. On Adwords you can target people in a wide variety of ways from their search terms, shopping specific adverts to which of your competitor email newsletters they receive.


In the UK digital advertising spend is already over 50% of total advertising with a 60% share forecast by 2020. So it’s likely many of your competitors are already active online.


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