Trinity Heriot was established in 2004 and has internet marketing clients throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland, and across the UK who are benefiting from enhanced search engine rankings and website traffic from our internet marketing services.

We also work with leading UK web design, communication and advertising firms in Edinburgh, Newcastle and London to offer our services their clients. To hire us as a freelance digital marketing specialist for your agency email Ewen Angus at ewen@trinityheriot.co.uk.

Our internet marketing services include – Search engine optimisation, Google Ads pay per click campaigns, Social media marketing, Online PR, internet video marketing, Website design, Email marketing, affiliate marketing and Online brand management.

At Trinity Heriot we tailor the internet marketing process to each client, ensuring maximum benefit and improvement to your website and online business success. We don’t use automated or unethical techniques in the process and we keep our clients informed of what changes we will make and why.

With billions of web pages and millions of websites now online it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and ensure your website ranks above the competition on the search engines and be prominent within leading social, news and video websites.

Since we launched in 2004 we’ve worked with over 125 businesses across the UK to improve their digital marketing so we have the skills and experience to handle any project.

Contact us for an initial consultation on the Contact page and we’ll get back to you with an internet marketing strategy to improve your search engine rankings and online business.  We can work as a freelance digital marketing consultant directly for your business or partner with your web design agency.